Monday, 24 May 2010

Catch up on Answers on a Postcard

Can't get your fix of my zine project while the Girl Industries etsy shop is on vacation? Fear not! has a great deal on all the zines in her shop at the moment, including your favourite interview zine. The buy one get one free deal is too good to miss, and there are a whole range of good reads in the shop, so if you're up to date with Answers on a Postcard there's still plenty more to treat yourself to.

I'm a big fan of Asking for Trouble designs and products, so hop on over to the shop and pick yourself up something lovely. And a couple of zines, of course! My current favourite (and best recent buy!) is this fantastic volcano tote with an Asking for Trouble illustration over at Zazzle. Luckily the volcano doesn't look like it'll be out of fashion for a long time, and with Fuji threatening to blow its stack later in the year, I'm going to be the best equipped and most trendy shopper at the supermarket for a few months to come!

Image (c) Marceline Smith/Asking For Trouble

Friday, 21 May 2010

Pssst - wanna see my new craft room?

So the moving in process (for me, at least) is on hold while I've not been feeling very well. Eventually this room will contain a fabric cutting desk and generic crafting area, a computer desk, and a curtained off storage area. Which I have promised myself and my husband will not get out of control!

At the moment it contains a ton of boxes waiting to be unpacked, and a newly-built shelving system. But this is what it looked like on the first day we got the keys...

And this is the view from the window. I think I might be spending a bit of time at the window on Saturday afternoons.

This is my former craft area, and as we discovered when we were packing to move house, I had crafty bits and bobs tucked away in nooks and crannies all over the flat. I can't wait to be up and running in my new space and will show you more photos once we're settled in.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Under the weather

Hello troops!

I've had a bad back all week, but needless to say, I had a wonderful time at Benmore Botanic Gardens on Sunday. Here are a couple of photos I took during quiet times in the crafty marquee.

And in the meantime, you can read how we got on over at the Asking for Trouble blog.

I'm closing shop on Monday for a couple of weeks to focus on moving house. But I'll be here blogging in the background and keeping my fingers very tightly crossed that our new phone line and broadband provider doesn't let me down.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Find me tomorrow at Benmore Botanic Garden

Photo by

Here’s a quick reminder that I’ll be at the craft fair in the lovely surroundings of the Argyll peninsula this Sunday afternoon. It really is a lovely part of the countryside, and frankly, they had me at homemade preserves. It sounds like a wonderful day out, so I’m glad to be sharing a stall with Asking For Trouble so we each get a chance to explore the grounds, and the rest of the stalls on offer.

Here are all the details:

Benmore Open Day & Craft Fair
Benmore Botanic Garden
Free entry to Garden all day, regular trips aboard the Benmore Explorer, guided tours of the garden including the restored Benmore Fernery, Chainsaw Carving and a marquee shall host Tombola, Preserves, Cake & Candy Stall and our annual Craft Fair.

Date: 9 May 2010
Time: 12:00-17:00

More info:

p.s. if like me, you are scared of driving onto the ferry across to Dunoon, you can also go overland around the peninsula, which takes roughly the same amount of time, but maybe a little more gas and no pesky ferry fare to worry about. Don’t forget to call in at the highly-recommended Inver Cottage on your way home for a delicious and locally-sourced dinner.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lots of news!

What a busy weekend! We got the keys to our new house on Friday, so I was pretty quiet over the weekend while I cleaned and prepped our new kitchen/diner/living space for painting. Mr P had the luxury of going up the ladders and getting up close and personal with the paint can. In the midst of all the activity, I managed to distribute subscription copies of the latest issue of Answers on a Postcard, which is available for purchase in the zines section of my Etsy shop. Contributors, as ever, can get a copy by clicking here.

I had a good response to my blog contest and now have a collection of new questions to ask contributors. I’ll be writing out to you once I’m all set up in my new attic craft room. Pictures to follow sometime in June when we officially move in, I want to get it just so before I share some photos! The lucky winner of the contest is Bronwyn, with her excellent question "what's your favourite tool/material/supply and how do you use it"

Thank you to everyone who took part, both posting on the blog and by emailing me directly. Bronwyn is a local crafter based in Glasgow and a fellow Glasgow Craft Mafia member. She makes some lovely things from found objects under the temptingly tasty name of Rhubarb Crumble and I’m always envious that she has managed to whip her sewing machine into serious good shape. If you’re already here, I know you’ll appreciate her upcycled treasures, so have a look at her shop on Folksy, and her tutorial-packed blog, too:

Commiserations to Marceline but all is not lost as she wins the pleasure of my company this weekend when we drive out to the countryside to set up stall at a craft fair in the beautiful Botanic Garden at Benmore, on the Argyll Peninsula. If you can’t make it (or want to make a shopping list before you set out), visit Asking for Trouble and Girl Industries to stock up online. Marceline is a huge supporter of the Answers on a Postcard zine and has copies available in her shop. She's currently running a special offer, too, so take a look. Also, now the Icelandic ash cloud is rearing it's gritty grey head again, take a look at the selection of products on which Marceline has designed. I have a tote bag on its way to me as we speak!

Benmore Open Day & Craft Fair
Benmore Botanic Garden
Free entry to Garden all day, regular trips aboard the Benmore Explorer, guided tours of the garden including the restored Benmore Fernery, Chainsaw Carving and a marquee shall host Tombola, Preserves, Cake & Candy Stall and our annual Craft Fair.

Date: 9 May 2010
Time: 12:00-17:00
More info

This is your last chance to shop Girl Industries in person this summer, as I’m having a baby! All being well, I’ll be back in time for the autumn market season in October, with all the new goodies I’ve been planning for ages, including some brilliant collaboration opportunities with some of my favourite crafters. I have to apologise in advance for any baby-themed shopping features over the next couple of months as I sloooooowly get sucked in to the lovely handmade and very much non-essential baby things on offer around the internets. Between the house move and the new arrival, I’ll be closing my shop periodically from now until September. If you have custom orders for envelopes, please let me know as soon as you can, so I can schedule them around my other commitments. And I’d like to reassure everyone that normal Answers on a Postcard service will continue as planned, with subscribers’ copies out on time and new issues uploaded to the shop every month as usual. Hurray!