Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Things I like this week

Like Dulcie’s Mum ;-) I do try not to make this blog too kid-oriented-to-the-exclusion-of-all-else BUT as much as I resisted buying all kinds of cute nonsense when Amelia was a baby, now she’s a toddler, oh my gosh, there are so many awesome things I would love to get for her.  Top of my list is an outdoor playhouse like this one – let’s face it, it’s always raining, and I’d love to sort out our garden so she can play in it more.

I am a sucker for these lap t-shirts, I am going to be so sad when we are limited to regular round-neck ones.  Here are some of my favourite makers and designs.

By Little Orange Room on Etsy
By Too Many Suitors on Etsy
By film monsters on Etsy

Accessories are a big thing for me to splurge on too, with sunglasses for the car, hats for the beach and hair bands just because.

By Beledien Handmade on Etsy

By Gracious May on Etsy
And then there’s the home decor.  A play kitchen is next on my list now the travel cot in our own kitchen diner is somewhat redundant.  I am really not into gendered play equipment at all, so the plain wooden version from IKEA will do nicely.  It’s lovely to have company while we’re all in the kitchen, but it would be nice to keep Amelia occupied and away from the open oven door if we can help it. 

Image courtesy of fortytwo roads

An alternative to the wooden version would be this amazing cardboard one from forty two roads' etsy shop.... you buy the instructions for $12 and away you go.  Also in their range is this shop (how much would I have LOVED this as a littl’un) and a washing machine, too cute!  I wish I’d paid more attention to the nightlights we made in CDT at school and I could make a little light up panel.  Of course, waiting until she’s big enough to use the real thing is my back-up strategy. 

Irrestistable - image courtesy of forty two roads

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A new view

There's so much to update you on, but it's been raining or dark whenver I've been working on things.  Good photos make all the difference, so when there's no decent light, no update on new products.  Sigh.  Hopefully I will be able to remedy this soon, but in the meantime, it stopped raining for five minutes this afternoon as my neighbours trimmed their trees back. 

I might be complaining about the rain being no good for photos, but it's certainly doing my surroundings a lot of good.  Just look at those green hills, beautiful.  I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Sale over

My Etsyversary sale has officially finished now.  Thanks if you took part!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

My 4th Etsyversary

To celebrate 4 years of shopkeepering on Etsy, I'm having a flash 40% off sale just for today. 

Use code 4times10, which applies to goods (not shipping) today only.  QUICK!  CLICK HERE!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Oh Colin Murray

Every week I read the freesheets Stylist (mainly aimed at women) and Shortlist (mainly aimed at men) on my commute.  I like them because they are light reading, they keep me up to date on what's trendy at the moment in terms of colours and how to spend one's disposable income, often feature local restaurants and shops even though they are national titles and often feature interviews with people from the creative business community. 

I was all fired up to write a slightly tongue in cheek but still a little bit angry blog post about this comment from Colin Murray in a recent article.  I like Colin Murray, I once sat behind him on a flight from Glasgow to Heathrow and he was very gracious in saying hello to a lot of male 20-somethings on the plane who recognised him from an event he'd DJed the night before, and did not freak out or think I was a stalker when we both arrived at the baggage carousel in JFK a few hours later.  He also gave away a holiday to Hawaii to a friend of mine, on one of his TV programmes, which makes him alright in my book.

Photo of The Shortlist, 23 May 2012

But to lump in craft markets with charity shops?  And think it's a place you go to find bargains and haggle?  Oh, Colin.  Dearie me. 

Imagine my surprise when the balance was redressed a week later with this piece featuring Grayson Perry and Tracey Emin, explaining what they would do if either were made Queen for the day.  Phew!  The craftspeople of the nation, ambassadors for British design, can escape with reputations intact.
Photo of The Stylist, 29 May 2012