Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Things I like this week

Like Dulcie’s Mum ;-) I do try not to make this blog too kid-oriented-to-the-exclusion-of-all-else BUT as much as I resisted buying all kinds of cute nonsense when Amelia was a baby, now she’s a toddler, oh my gosh, there are so many awesome things I would love to get for her.  Top of my list is an outdoor playhouse like this one – let’s face it, it’s always raining, and I’d love to sort out our garden so she can play in it more.

I am a sucker for these lap t-shirts, I am going to be so sad when we are limited to regular round-neck ones.  Here are some of my favourite makers and designs.

By Little Orange Room on Etsy
By Too Many Suitors on Etsy
By film monsters on Etsy

Accessories are a big thing for me to splurge on too, with sunglasses for the car, hats for the beach and hair bands just because.

By Beledien Handmade on Etsy

By Gracious May on Etsy
And then there’s the home decor.  A play kitchen is next on my list now the travel cot in our own kitchen diner is somewhat redundant.  I am really not into gendered play equipment at all, so the plain wooden version from IKEA will do nicely.  It’s lovely to have company while we’re all in the kitchen, but it would be nice to keep Amelia occupied and away from the open oven door if we can help it. 

Image courtesy of fortytwo roads

An alternative to the wooden version would be this amazing cardboard one from forty two roads' etsy shop.... you buy the instructions for $12 and away you go.  Also in their range is this shop (how much would I have LOVED this as a littl’un) and a washing machine, too cute!  I wish I’d paid more attention to the nightlights we made in CDT at school and I could make a little light up panel.  Of course, waiting until she’s big enough to use the real thing is my back-up strategy. 

Irrestistable - image courtesy of forty two roads


dropstitch said...

Damn you, you're so much better at having varied blog content than I am! :)

Girl_Industries said...

Sometimes they are just too cute not to share :)

stellamystar said...

Oh. My. The cardboard kitchen. the cardboard kitchen. Mr Stella is a whizz with the cardboard and Master Stella is an excellent chef...