Friday, 17 August 2012

Buttons are in!

It's official.  I read it in a home decor magazine.  Buttons are going to be pretty popular this season. 

Photo credit: HK Living at Scandivis
 These button wall hooks are genius.  The large ones are £20 each which is a bit steep, but the little ones are £6.95 from Scandivis
Photo credit:

I know this organiser is styled for the dressing table, but I can't think of anything more cute for organising little crafty bits and bobs.  Like, perchance, buttons?  Only £4 in the sale from aplaceforeverything - be quick!

Photo by LittlemouseLilly on Etsy    

I love the button heart motif on cushions, reminds me a little of the button hearts I made for my wedding way back in 2009.  Etsy seller LittlemouseLilly updates the concept with gemstones, what a tactile looking cushion.  Get it here.

Back to and this button storage box is ideal for stashing a handy sewing kit.  I can imagine this being great to have to hand for a little bit of hand sewing on the couch.  Anything that keeps my stash contained while I do a bit of 'mobile crafting' (i.e. anywhere but my craft room) keeps my husband happy.  I would totally balance my tea on that lid, too. 

Photo credit: Etsy seller Shop Archeologie

Another cushion from Etsy, this time Mallorcan seller ShopArcheologie.  I am missing my trip to the Balearics terribly this year, but there is something about this cushion that is very of its place, the white sand, the sun-bleached trees, the calm and gentle environment.  Just lovely. 

And of course I couldn't talk about buttons without mentioning that I am currently updating my vintage and upcycled button stock in my etsy shop.  I have been whittling down my collection as I continue to destash my craft room.  After last weekend's Give Craft Make event at the Tron Theatre, I decided to hold a huge sale in conjunction with the GCM blog so nip over and check out that code if you are ready for a massive discount on already generous destashing prices. 

Friday, 3 August 2012

Give Craft Make - Sunday 12 August

I'm so excited to be taking a stall at the Give Craft Make sale in the gorgeous surroundings of the Tron Theatre next weekend.  More details will be available at the Glasgow Craft Mafia blog as the week goes on, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek of what I've been bundling up as part of my stall...