Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dreaming of the sea

Today I'm working hard in my craft room but in my head, I'm beside the sea.

My new treasury list, here.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Busy summer

I'm making forward plans for lots of fun and challenging things to do over the summer months.  There's travel, networking, making, learning new skills and plenty of hard work, besides.  So I've decided to make things a little easier on myself and from the end of April I will close my books for custom envelope orders until later in the year.

I've also decided to make a little space in my craft room so I'm offering a 60% discount on my stock of envelopes which are already made up and ready for you to buy.  Same goes for the hard copy zines in my shop, too.  Use the code BUSYSUMMER when you check out on Etsy, only on pre-made envelopes (of all sizes) and printed (not PDF) zines.  Sale lasts until the end of April or when I run out of envelopes.  Go on, treat yourself.  Zines make a great alternative to magazines if you'd like a quick read on your commute or taking a soak, they're advert free and they won't harass you about a beach body, whatever that is.

Happy stationery week!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

More pom pom plans

Pom poms are turning out to be big this year - if you feel like making some more before the end of May, you can take part in Fabfest! at Balfron.  Balfron is a lovely part of the world, just up the road from me in Stirlingshire.  They will also accept donations of yarn if you don't have time to make pompoms for them.

This is where they're up to so far - I'll be sending my contribution shortly!
More here:

and here:

This is where they're up to so far - I'll be sending my contribution shortly!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My cup of tea

Recently, I was catching up with Jessica Jones' always excellent blog, How About Orange, and particularly enjoyed this post about the wealth of images to peruse, download and make good use of, at the Library of Congress.

While she had in mind a whole lot of decorative uses, I geeked out to architectural plans of the White House, before slamming my laptop closed in a fit of paranoia that I must surely to goodness be on some kind of list now.  Ahem.

In a weird fit of synchronicity, my sister regifted me (well, hey, it was my birthday) this amazing mug featuring the iconic Dean tape measure design - image courtesy of the Library of Congress, which also holds all the patents, plans, drawings and designs you would ever wish to have a look at.  It was more of a gift than expected as it allowed me to hold forth on the wonders of the Library of Congress online image library and thrill bore my family with my highbrow knowledge of great design and great libraries.  On my birthday.  Best. Present. Ever.

Is anyone else's mouth watering with the memory of having chewed the end of said tape measure at your Nanna's house of a Sunday afternoon while she measures you up for your new school cardigan?  No?  Just me then?  Okay.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Tiny houses

Miniature is quite the thing right now, isn't it?  I don't want to put the credit for evrtything that's good right now onto Lena Dunham zeitgeisty as she is, but I do think that this appetite for hand made little houses, trees and birdcages is just a leetle evocative of the photography in Tiny Furniture.

2of2 has been on my favourites list on Etsy for a little while now, in fact since before they changed their name to 2of2 - check me out, I'm so in at the ground level.  Seriously, though, I'm enchanted by their simple, clean silhouettes and rich, vibrant jewel tones. Just lovely.  I found out they have a facebook page here, too. 

Trees photo shared with permission of 2of2 - they make amazing little houses, too, but I really love these trees which are now sold, but they will make you another set if you ask!

Birdcage photo with permission of MarcellasExpress
I've also featured this birdcage by MarcellasExcess in a few treasuries lately.  and I do like these tactile, minimalist house shapes by TheBirdOnTheTree, too.

Photo with permission of BirdOnTheTree

In fact, I'm kind of obsessed with stylised depictions of buildings of all kinds, from the domestic to the industrial.

I took this photo of the Metro newspaper while I was on my phone on the train, but you can find a better one on the Debenhams website
But I think my absolute favourite interpretation of the trend is this piece, from the high street store Debenhams, by designer Ben de Lisi.  And not just because we've recently been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach - more on that to follow!

Stop press:  I just bought this little cabin with a steeple after spying it on the European front page last night.  The addiction continues.  I'm going to put it up on the high shelves in Amelia's room, next to her vintage hippo bank.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Heads up!

This is happening at John Lewis tomorrow i.e. THURSDAY 11 APRIL.  They come in a range of four different colours.  You know, so your orange fox cushion doesn't have to be lonely.  You can buy online, too.

Image of Scion cushion from website

I'm a bit of a John Lewis afficionada right now, although I've never really felt like their target market type customer.  I'm too much of a cheapskate, although if I'm going to spend money, I like to spend it on quality products and great customer service. 

I like getting a free coffee at our local Waitrose with my loyalty card, I like that they yellow sticker their lamb chops which should be £6.99 at 29p and then don't bat an eyelid when I buy 6 lots for the freezer, I like their haberdashery department and the lovely notions that Jo found there for my birthday last week (thank you!).  I like that they recognise, support and perhaps even so far as champion British design and designers.  I like the Partnership business model.  Grudgingly, I like their aspirational cleaning products which are green and effective, although this feels a bit Hyacinth.  And I really like those fox cushions and think I want to buy them all.