Thursday, 25 April 2013

Busy summer

I'm making forward plans for lots of fun and challenging things to do over the summer months.  There's travel, networking, making, learning new skills and plenty of hard work, besides.  So I've decided to make things a little easier on myself and from the end of April I will close my books for custom envelope orders until later in the year.

I've also decided to make a little space in my craft room so I'm offering a 60% discount on my stock of envelopes which are already made up and ready for you to buy.  Same goes for the hard copy zines in my shop, too.  Use the code BUSYSUMMER when you check out on Etsy, only on pre-made envelopes (of all sizes) and printed (not PDF) zines.  Sale lasts until the end of April or when I run out of envelopes.  Go on, treat yourself.  Zines make a great alternative to magazines if you'd like a quick read on your commute or taking a soak, they're advert free and they won't harass you about a beach body, whatever that is.

Happy stationery week!