Thursday, 18 April 2013

My cup of tea

Recently, I was catching up with Jessica Jones' always excellent blog, How About Orange, and particularly enjoyed this post about the wealth of images to peruse, download and make good use of, at the Library of Congress.

While she had in mind a whole lot of decorative uses, I geeked out to architectural plans of the White House, before slamming my laptop closed in a fit of paranoia that I must surely to goodness be on some kind of list now.  Ahem.

In a weird fit of synchronicity, my sister regifted me (well, hey, it was my birthday) this amazing mug featuring the iconic Dean tape measure design - image courtesy of the Library of Congress, which also holds all the patents, plans, drawings and designs you would ever wish to have a look at.  It was more of a gift than expected as it allowed me to hold forth on the wonders of the Library of Congress online image library and thrill bore my family with my highbrow knowledge of great design and great libraries.  On my birthday.  Best. Present. Ever.

Is anyone else's mouth watering with the memory of having chewed the end of said tape measure at your Nanna's house of a Sunday afternoon while she measures you up for your new school cardigan?  No?  Just me then?  Okay.