Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Heads up!

This is happening at John Lewis tomorrow i.e. THURSDAY 11 APRIL.  They come in a range of four different colours.  You know, so your orange fox cushion doesn't have to be lonely.  You can buy online, too.

Image of Scion cushion from website

I'm a bit of a John Lewis afficionada right now, although I've never really felt like their target market type customer.  I'm too much of a cheapskate, although if I'm going to spend money, I like to spend it on quality products and great customer service. 

I like getting a free coffee at our local Waitrose with my loyalty card, I like that they yellow sticker their lamb chops which should be £6.99 at 29p and then don't bat an eyelid when I buy 6 lots for the freezer, I like their haberdashery department and the lovely notions that Jo found there for my birthday last week (thank you!).  I like that they recognise, support and perhaps even so far as champion British design and designers.  I like the Partnership business model.  Grudgingly, I like their aspirational cleaning products which are green and effective, although this feels a bit Hyacinth.  And I really like those fox cushions and think I want to buy them all.