Monday, 15 April 2013

Tiny houses

Miniature is quite the thing right now, isn't it?  I don't want to put the credit for evrtything that's good right now onto Lena Dunham zeitgeisty as she is, but I do think that this appetite for hand made little houses, trees and birdcages is just a leetle evocative of the photography in Tiny Furniture.

2of2 has been on my favourites list on Etsy for a little while now, in fact since before they changed their name to 2of2 - check me out, I'm so in at the ground level.  Seriously, though, I'm enchanted by their simple, clean silhouettes and rich, vibrant jewel tones. Just lovely.  I found out they have a facebook page here, too. 

Trees photo shared with permission of 2of2 - they make amazing little houses, too, but I really love these trees which are now sold, but they will make you another set if you ask!

Birdcage photo with permission of MarcellasExpress
I've also featured this birdcage by MarcellasExcess in a few treasuries lately.  and I do like these tactile, minimalist house shapes by TheBirdOnTheTree, too.

Photo with permission of BirdOnTheTree

In fact, I'm kind of obsessed with stylised depictions of buildings of all kinds, from the domestic to the industrial.

I took this photo of the Metro newspaper while I was on my phone on the train, but you can find a better one on the Debenhams website
But I think my absolute favourite interpretation of the trend is this piece, from the high street store Debenhams, by designer Ben de Lisi.  And not just because we've recently been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach - more on that to follow!

Stop press:  I just bought this little cabin with a steeple after spying it on the European front page last night.  The addiction continues.  I'm going to put it up on the high shelves in Amelia's room, next to her vintage hippo bank.