Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Back to school

Well, my degree programme is back up and running for winter term and I'm in the process of finalising my dissertation outline. So I can forecast fewer updates on here if I'm to fully restock before I hit (drumroll please!) MADE IN THE SHADE on 6 December. My top tip - arrive early and browse before the crowds arrive. You'll nab a luxury goodie bag and pick up the best of all the treasures on display. I can personally vouch for the fantastic contents of these bags, and the fact that people were running up the stairs of the Lighthouse at 10.30am for the last Made in the Shade. Lunch at the Doocot is pretty unmissable too, although having eaten at Bar Soba recently, I'm torn between the two. Yum yum.

You never know, you might get to meet some of these lovely sellers, the full list of stalls will be posted on the MITS website in a few weeks.

I'm putting together a new range of products which you won't find in my etsy shop until after the fair so I can give any visitors and well-wishers a much-deserved exclusive. If you're out shopping in Glasgow 3 weeks before Christmas you deserve a medal, but exclusive products are the next best thing. Here's an extreme close up sneak preview!

What else is going on around here? Well, I'm off to *that London* on Saturday for some very special clothes shopping and to catch up with friends from my old stomping grounds of New York and the equally fun times of being 18 in Manchester. I think we have some arty thing lined up for Saturday night so that should be very exciting.

And in between, plenty of crafty activity. I even managed to cut and piece 40 fabric toy components on an inter-city train travelling from York to Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon. Luckily I had my own table...