Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ah, tranquility

Like a one-woman crafting factory, my weekend away allowed me to unwind and prepare for the forthcoming fairs at the Lighthouse and Mugdock Country Park in calm and idyllic surroundings. Every year I spend a weekend away with friends I’ve known for years (some of them for 20 years!), and this year we booked out Wheen Farmhouse, which is just near Forfar in the north of Scotland.

Come Monday morning, the roads were iced over and snow was on its way. We had plenty of supplies left (well, except for toilet paper, we were down to our last roll, TMI fans) but not enough of an excuse to call ourselves snowed in. A good time had been had by all, in fact most of us had *too* good of a time the night before and were feeling the effects, and we were all sad to leave. Between us, we spotted a stoat, many rabbits and sheep, an alleged seal off the coast at Montrose, mucho sheep poop and 45 of these critters.


Nancy said...

Hello, though my roots began in Scotland, I don't know what a stoat is...could you enlighten me? Thanks...our family "castle" is Crathes. Do you know of it? I think it is in the center of the country towards the east. Maybe...I don't know where my book is on it at this moment. Nancy in WA state, USA