Sunday, 25 January 2009

What I did at the weekend...

Our little car went in for a service on Friday and needs a part to fix its gearbox. So we were reliant on Shanks' Pony yesterday and we decided to have a walk just along the road to Glasgow Green, and the People's Palace. I've been to the museum a few times before, but not in a little while, and it was a lovely day so I tore up my to-do list, got the fiance all motivated with a promise of a pub lunch and off we went.

By the time we'd walked, ooh, all two miles, we were ravenous, so first stop was West, which is technically our local, if you don't count football-related pubs (we live next door to a football stadium). It being a Saturday, I indulged in a chocolate fudge cake and I was not disappointed.

After stopping to admire the disused railway station, our next stop was the museum. The People's Palace is dedicated to the life of the everyday Glaswegians, way back into history, and right up to the present day. I'm fascinated with social history, and particularly enjoyed the air raid exhibit and the example of the one-room living from tenements at the beginning of the last century, about the time when my own tenement flat was built. It also put me in mind of the tenement museum in Manhattan, which is a must-see. We have our own equivalent in Glasgow, the tenement house, which I'm still to visit even though I'm into my 8th year of living in this city.

Of course, crafts are never far behind when you're thinking about social history, and there were a great couple of examples of upcycling from back in the day - a footstool made from powdered milk tins bound together and upholstered, and the traditional crocheted rug made from old sheets and clothes that you see all over the world.

I even picked up this postcard...

Today we're not so lucky with the weather so I'm having a day of crafting - I worked on a new project last night which I'll be sharing with you shortly. A good friend is singing at the Cathedral later during an afternoon of celebrating the poet Robert Burns, so I will be popping out to that later.

Hope you have had a fun and productive weekend, wherever you are!