Thursday, 15 October 2009

New new new

Here's a sneak peek at a new line I’ll be sharing with you on Saturday, so make sure you come along to Invercottage to be the first to see! Over the last couple of months I’ve been spending a lot of time knitting in front of the TV, on trains, at home and away, even on the ferry from Victoria Island to Vancouver last week.

The result of all this activity is not only a more chilled out and relaxed crafter – I do love me a good, simple knit – but a plethora of gender-neutral yet stylish and modern baby sweaters to get the little ones through autumn, winter and into next spring. After my niece was born last May my sister turned to me with a request for anything but pink, and I was pleased to oblige. Now she’s a little bit bigger (my niece, not my sister) I’ve found myself a little bit addicted to making a few little knitted panels of an evening when my busy little head is too tired to do anything but relax in front of a good film. Or if I’m really tired, The Hills. Or as my followers on Twitter will have heard, Gossip Girl.

Any guilty viewing pleasures you’d care to share with me?


Anonymous said...

Oh those are gorgeous colours! It really is hard to get away from gender colour-coded clothing, but these look simply beautiful.