Sunday, 17 January 2010

Weekend blogger

I think I've become a bit of a weekend blogger. Most of my crafty shenanigans right now revolves around my inbox, while I prepare for the first Answers on a Postcard zine. I should be receiving all the final entries in the next few days which gives me, eek, about a week to sort out the first issue for distribution starting on 31 January.

Next weekend I'm off to Manchester, home of some very crafty things indeed, and of course, my home town. I'm going to the hen weekend of a former flatmate from our time in New York. It's strange that we grew up 5 miles from each other, but met in a city of I don't know how many millions of people.

And I'm also in a treasury right now - those same envelopes that you can find featured in this book are also in a lovely collection of my old pals' work over at Hoarders Unite. I'm not officially a member right now due to my somewhat heavy workload, but it's lovely when they remember me! Thank you, whoa it's me!