Monday, 24 May 2010

Catch up on Answers on a Postcard

Can't get your fix of my zine project while the Girl Industries etsy shop is on vacation? Fear not! has a great deal on all the zines in her shop at the moment, including your favourite interview zine. The buy one get one free deal is too good to miss, and there are a whole range of good reads in the shop, so if you're up to date with Answers on a Postcard there's still plenty more to treat yourself to.

I'm a big fan of Asking for Trouble designs and products, so hop on over to the shop and pick yourself up something lovely. And a couple of zines, of course! My current favourite (and best recent buy!) is this fantastic volcano tote with an Asking for Trouble illustration over at Zazzle. Luckily the volcano doesn't look like it'll be out of fashion for a long time, and with Fuji threatening to blow its stack later in the year, I'm going to be the best equipped and most trendy shopper at the supermarket for a few months to come!

Image (c) Marceline Smith/Asking For Trouble


Rohini said...

Fab blog! Followed you. :)