Tuesday, 13 July 2010

It's done!

I actually finished this last week, but I've had a hectic time with midwife, doctor and hospital appointments, so my progress report has arrived a little bit late.

Here it is against the backdrop of our brand new sofa:

I really enjoyed making this blanket, but I did stop for a moment to dwell on how much it might cost me to make and sell them... With 24 hours' work (I did have a sore back, so was possibly going at a slower rate than usual) and £42 worth of yarn, and of course all the overheads involved, and P&P, of course, you wouldn't really be looking at much change out of £300 if I was going to indulge myself and pay a little bit more than the minimum wage.

Having said all that, I did find the blanket incredibly relaxing and rewarding to make, so I've started another one in a more crisp cotton yarn (from Rowan, again), this time in a pale pink colour which for some reason they saw fit to name 'soap'. I'm not sold on the whole gender-specific colour thing, and we made the decision not to find out whether we're having a boy or a girl until we meet him or her, but this is a lovely gentle colour and will totally work with the nursery we're putting together.

My husband recently finished painting the baby's room, which is still empty but for a Miffy toy, Phil's tool box and a pair of ladders. Some photos will be up as soon as it looks a little more presentable (and we're currently working on a 7 week deadline here), but it's a rich lilac colour, which should tone in with anything from beige to pink or blue. All bases covered!


t-boo said...

Well done! I really like the colour of both the blankets. Good for snuggling on the couch too :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Katy! x