Sunday, 17 October 2010

Shop update

Hello friends! I'm starting to realise there's a bit more to this having a baby malarky than watching her sleep peacefully while I crack on with a lovely bit of knitting.

In light of this, I'm going to extend the shop hiatus until the New Year, and see how we're doing then. As you can see from my lack of blog posts, and even the tweeting has slowed right down, it's taking. a while for me to adjust and to get into any kind of routine.

So while I'm here, I thought you'd like to know about a new Folksy shop, Creative Planet. My schoolfriend, Sue, has set this up following the recent birth of her little girl, with the aim of bringing beautiful but affordable handmade jewellery to everyone. And of course, Sue is now my crafting inspiration, as she is up and running just a few months after her baby arrived!

I've particularly got my eye on this Red Coral stretch bracelet for the Christmas party season - but Sue is in the process of adding more stock to her folksy shop all the time, so stop by for a look soon.

I'm hoping to be back in a week or so to share photos of the beautiful handmade gifts and cards we've received in the last couple of months.


Sinclair said...

Welcome to motherhood. news of the day: "Routine" and "quiet knitting" are phrases that do not exist in motherhood. Congratulations on your little one, and I wish you all the best!