Saturday, 12 March 2011

Back in Business

Wow, where did that month go? I've been busy getting my flat in Glasgow ready to go on the market, and of course, most days are taken up with counting blocks, supervising the jumperoo and ensuring that all the scissors are out of reach. Why does crafting have to involve so many pointy and/or sharp implements?

But I recently made my first sale on Etsy in ages, so that means I'm very much back on track to start making and participating in all things crafty once again. At the moment everything in the shop is in stock and ready to ship, because I've been working on a huge custom order for my good friend Julie, who is getting married in just a few weeks.

Next on the slate is to finally finish off the series of craft zines that I've been working on for ooh, nearly two years now. If I've asked you for answers and you haven't had time to get back to me yet, now is the time to do it! I'm hoping to pull all the remaining issues together between now and the end of May, so I would love your input. If you haven't taken part and want a questions list, hit me up at katy right now and get involved. There's room for everyone!