Monday, 18 July 2011

Wedding season

As summer is well and truly underway in this part of the world (not that you'd know from the photo above, taken in my very sunny craft room), I've been inspired to update my confetti packaging. And in turn, this confetti update has inspired how I package and send all of my goodies!

Of course, the beauty of this is that I can update the labels with whatever text you like - the names and wedding date of the lucky couple in the case of confetti, or a message for the recipient if you're buying a set of notecards for a gift. I can even switch up the twine colours to match what's hiding inside.

Now my confetti looks much more appealing, I'll be showing you a lot more of it in my shop. I have to admit getting a bit carried away with the punches when I wasn't very mobile last year, but didn't have the concentration to knit or sew. I love the idea of having the confetti I made from a damaged French romance novel at a wedding, so much fun to pick the pieces off each other and have a nosy at the words! I love that soupir is hiding in there - ahhhhh!