Sunday, 18 September 2011

Being a completer

This weekend I am trying my best to get things done!  Right now, having taken some really good photos on Friday afternoon, I am listing supplies in the Girl Industries Etsy shop that need to vacate the premises.  I have realised there is a finite amount of time for crafting in my life at the moment, and there are some things I'll just never get around to using.  So my loss is your gain, I am passing them on at far less than I originally paid for them because I need them to GO AWAY and be purposeful or beautiful elsewhere. 

I also started AND finished a project all in one go on Friday night.  I even made a mercy dash to deliver it because it was a dark and stormy night, so the photos aren't brilliant, because they were shot in my living room, in the dark.  A friend asked me to design and make a draught excluder for her wider than average double farmhouse doors.  As they are of the many and varied pet-keeping persuasion, I decided to celebrate their reptile collection with what has been dubbed 'the tartan python' - made from offcuts of kilt fabric direct from a tailors in Glasgow.

If you'd like your own home protected from draughts (the tartan python also masquerades as Justin Windowsnake), do please leave a comment or drop me an email.  Available as the completed product with local delivery, or as a snake skin, with a Velcro (R) fastening or closed seam, self-stitch end, and full instructions for you to stuff it yourself.  Stay warm this winter!

I haven't finished the big basket weave blanket I was making the other week, I was actually giving myself RSI the heavier it got but I am soldiering on and there are only 20 rows to go until it is finished.  Hopefully I'll have photos very very soon.  It is shaping up beautifully, and everywhere I look at the moment are big beautiful knits.  I'm looking at you, Stella McCartney.  Nothing but the highest of fashion for my little girl.

Oooh, and my team won, so, go Trojans!  The final is in London next weekend, how exciting!


Claire said...

Oh! Forgot to say I love the tartan door snake! He's great!