Saturday, 15 October 2011

Treating myself

While you're reading this, I'll be in Glasgow collecting my brand new lovely sewing machine from local craft supplies emporium deluxe, The Life Craft, in its new premises at De Courcey's arcade.

While we're talking sewing, here's my first-ever attempt at patchwork from a couple of weekends ago, a cover for my old machine as its original plastic cover was seriously falling apart.  In an ironic development, my husband was so impressed by what I'd made, he has decided that the time has come to upgrade to a far better machine and we're calling it an early Christmas present - hurrah!

If you're interested in making such a cover, here's how I made it.  I loosely measured the width, height and depth of the machine and calculated how many 10cm squares I would need to cover the surface area.  I sewed them together in strips and made a cross-shape piece of patchwork with the strips, which I then lined with plain navy blue fabric, after closing up the strips to fit around the machine in a kind of paper-bag effect.  I checked the size by holding it against the machine as I went (I am not the scientific type), and it worked out kind of okay.  I think if I make another one, I'll be more disciplined about measuring and trimming and squaring up my work as I go, but I was so excited to see how it would look that I kind of rushed the sensible aspect of my work.

I'm sure there'll be more patchwork to come - in fact I posted up a photo on my personal facebook page and had some interest in commissions from friends - so stand by for more photos of my patch-themed handiwork here.