Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hello everyone, it's been a while...

A combination of poor weather (so therefore terrible photos), spending time working on new products and prototypes, having to go to my day job, look after the family and even do a bit of socialising (I went to the theatre in February and the pub in March - that's a big leap forward from my one night in the pub in the whole of 2011!) so the blog took a little backseat for a couple of weeks while I got my house in order, literally.

So the craft room situation is still unresolved, but I've been eBaying surplus supplies like mad over the last couple of weeks.  It's still the very definition of "worse before it gets better" right now, I mainly craft elsewhere in the house and use it as a dumping ground between the odd naptime or evening crafting session.  I really want to change this, as the room has the best light for photos in the whole house, and the best light for working, and as the nights are starting to get lighter I want to make the most of this.  Years of eBaying have led to me collecting way more packaging than I need - just in case - and I have been trying to resolve this by finding better ways to send things in the post.  I try to upcycled and reuse wherever I can, but some of my best online shopping experiences have been when items arrive looking just like a present so I am trying to be selective, and mindful of the quality of the packaging I use.

February was one of those months where EVERYTHING broke down, too, so the amount of admin that goes into fixing stuff like the car, the roof, the washing machine, the doors is quite astounding.  Lately I've noticed more and more that  people you want to hire to fix stuff are incredibly hard to find.  They don't answer their phone, and then when they do, and you make an appointment, they don't turn up.  And then when they do turn up, they can't finish the job all in one day.  I've heard a lot of people saying the same thing recently, it's so annoying.  And time-consuming. 

In the interest of moving stock from my craft room and out to the real world, I've been replenishing the collection of goodies that I send to Vertiline in Love down in Sheffield, do stop in if you're in the area.  The shop is housed in the Nicholls Building which sounds like an amazing place to visit and go shopping.   

I still haven't done my scrapbooking and I have BIG IDEAS about doing my garden, I really miss growing veg and now I have a much larger space of my own to do it in, I really need to get cracking.  However, my new product list is finalised and now I'm up to my eyes in making, experimenting and refining before I can share my new range with you in April.  In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of something very very new!