Friday, 5 October 2012



I saw some photos of Emma Cotter's wonderful work with bottle caps elsewhere on the internet a couple of weeks ago, and had to get in touch with her to let her know how much I admired it.


When I first started out with taking Girl Industries online, my key range was around materials and supplies for upcycling, as well as finished items I'd made myself.  Now officially discontinued, I used to pass on used bottletops, wine corks, plastic yarn, or plarn, made from video tapes and carrier bags.  I still carry a small range of security envelope papers salvaged from years of local refuse collectors, umm, refusing to take them (due to the glue content).

I had about 300 bottletops left in stock, but really wanted to clear them out from my craft room - they weren't big sellers and they are a nuisance to post.  Can you guess where this is going?  Fingers crossed, all the lovely independent British brewers caps, and the ahem, occasional Barcardi Breezer lid will be going into a smart yet functional trivet, or a stunning artwork, just like this:


Thank you RETTOCAMME for taking these unwanted caps off my hands.  Now I very rarely drink, and my current local authority recycles 97% of its waste, I'm moving with the times and will no longer be stocking caps or corks in my shop.  But I may yet treat myself to one of those trivets to remind me of times past, you can't beat a bit of Brooklyn Lager...