Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A visit to Hay on Wye

As an avid reader, I've wanted to make a pilgrimage to Hay for a long time.  When I finally made it there last week, I wasn't disappointed, although making the rounds of a town filled with bookshops, traditional grocers, fancy cafes and lovely-little-thing-shops with a 2 year old who is only interested in bunnies or ice cream is quite the challenge.

So I don't have many photos but I do have this fantastic scan of the front of the local tourist guide map.  Hay is a gorgeous little village, totally walkable, and in the off-season, full of bargainous books to be had.  One shop I visited even gave me two free children's books for Amelia when I bought just the one.

I also picked up the funniest book ever, which gives details on how to spend $500 a day in New York before lunch - it's from the year I was born and shows you how to live the high life on a high-end budget.  Ironically, it cost me 50p into an honesty box in the grounds of Hay Castle.  If only I'd known about this book before I completed my New York reads zine.  Ah well, Volume 2, anyone?


dropstitch said...

I'd love to go to Hay on Wye too. Must investigate further. I guess we should have been more organised and gone before the arrival of children!