Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Feeling the love for New York reads

I've had some lovely feedback on my new zine.

A customer writes...

Fab wee zine! Loved reading it and now have a few more books on my 'must read' list. Thanks! 

And over at Pushpin...

Ticking both my travel and books boxes, this new zine from Katy is all about 25 of her favourite books about New York. There’s everything from classics, children’s, non-fiction and modern fiction plus including best sellers and indie publications, so even avid readers are likely to discover something they haven’t read. I’ve only read six myself. As well as describing the books, Katy intertwines tales and anecdotes from her time living in New York. If you’re planning a trip there, this would be a fun read and you should pick up a few travel tips too.

All the cool kids are reading books on my list - like Isla Fisher with The Great Gatsby (well, you'd hope she has read it, what with being in the upcoming film and all) and Lena Dunham (amongst others) on The Bell Jar - come and join us!  PDF copies are only a dollar, and for the real, in your hands zine experience, it's only a little extra, plus P&P.