Thursday, 7 March 2013

Because I'm going to the Post Office anyway...

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Before you send, check the guidance for what's accepted - used or opened products with wand applicators are not suitable, and don't give anything of a quality that you'd be uncomfortable to share with a friend. Otherwise it's a great way to clear the decks of all those travel sized products, gifts with purchase that you'll never use, magazine samples, or testers and potions you've tried once and can't get on with.  There are a number of organisations local to you carrying out similar drives, I just picked this one because it was easy, all the info was online, a friend shared it on facebook and I don't plan to go anywhere other than the post office between now and Sunday, so it works for me.

Women's Aid and associated organisations do fantastic work to support women and children starting new lives.  I'm enjoying all the International Women's Day and Girls' Day celebrations this month and wanted to give something back.