Sunday, 29 March 2009

How to build a handmade wedding list

Well, it's on my mind a bit at the moment, as I'm going through a spate of wedding planning, and I tend to talk about it all the time. I was chatting with some fellow mafiosi at this afternoon's Craft Mafia sale at Mono, and mentioned that I was building myself a handmade wedding list. I didn't realise that not everyone knew how to do this, so here are the instructions, for everyone's benefit.

You can do it too! All you need to do is go to (note the .com guys, it HAS to be the US site), and look up their universal wish list builder. Or just click that last link, easy! It works in the same way as you would add books, DVDs or whatever else Amazon sells these days (I like to buy my Fly London shoes from them) to your wish list - you just need to add a button to your toolbar so Amazon know when you want to put something on your list. BUT... BUT... the main thing is you can add anything you like from any sales venue on the internet. Isn't it amazing?

Now, one little potential flaw with this is that some of the items we request from etsy sellers might sell or expire before people get to buy them. So in the four months before my actual wedding I will be emailing sellers and asking them very very kindly to set up a reserved listing in their shop for our wedding list, which I can then link to from our universal wish list builder. So if you are here because you are a seller from whom we have requested such a thing, then I hope it is all clear as crystal now. If you're here because you are a blushing bride, then please consider adding a little something to your list from Girl Industries. And if you're here because you're my friends or family - you will be able to find our list (eventually) at