Sunday, 22 March 2009

A wander around Glasgow

I had a little task to do today, someone has charged me with looking for pressed pennies, the ones you get from tourist attractions. So I decided to do a museum crawl around Glasgow to see how I got on. I started out at the People's Palace, with no luck.

Then I walked into the town centre to renew my bus pass. Oh the glamour of it all! I was planning to hop on a bus to the West End, but instead decided to walk into a gale along the Clyde Walkway to the Science Centre and the Tall Ship. I was glad I did. I saw:

a man practising the trumpet under the railway bridge

the BBC building looking all moody, like

a new footbridge being built

the science centre tower (possibly not open to the public in the high winds) and the paddle steamer Waverley

the Tall Ship

a Police helicopter coming in to land

a lovely view of the University, Kelvingrove and the back of the transport museum

I nipped into the Transport Museum and Kelvingrove, picked up my pennies, and hopped on a bus home.
Hurray for Sundays!