Sunday, 5 July 2009

Today is a day for getting things done!

I have a big long to-do list for today, and I'm going to check back in later to let you know how I get on. July is going to be my month for being a completer. And here's my list for today:

  • Download the photos on my camera 4.30pm update: DONE!
  • Upload photos taken yesterday of our outing to the countryside with Marceline, of Asking for Trouble onto the Glasgow Craft Mafia flickr member pages 5pm update: DONE!
  • Organise my own flickr and get rid of some conference photos from work that I had been saving in there 5.15pm update: DONE!
  • Finish a tutorial I've been working on for ages by remaking the item, retaking my photos and downloading the photos and making them look good 2pm update: DONE!
  • Make my entry for Rhonda's recycling contest, take a photo of it and submit said photo to the relevant flickr pool which I haven't even looked at yet, either (anyone noticing a theme here?) 11pm update NOT DONE
  • Sew up the pockets on a baby cardigan I've had in my 'to finish' box for ages 11pm update NOT DONE
  • Sew up the TP in the Park brooches I've made 6.30pm update: DONE!
  • Sew up the knitted snakes I've been making out of oddments of wool 11pm update NOT DONE
  • Make another 3 button heart decorations for the wedding so that part of the decorating is done 11pm update only managed to get 2 DONE!
  • Finish sending out the daytime invitations for my wedding to my 5 friends who have recently moved houses (this involves trimming the invitations to size, making the envelopes, putting friends' new addresses into my address book and taking a note in my wedding notebook) 3pm update: DONE! Just off to post them!

Phew! Well I think that's quite enough for now, and I'll be back later to let you know how I've been getting on.

Updated at bedtime... I think I was maybe being a bit ambitious with everything I had to do, but definitely having my readers on board to help me along the way helped out. I can head off to Aberdeen tomorrow knowing everything at home is under control! And I still managed to have fun while I was getting stuff done, too, so it didn't feel like a chore at any time.