Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Getting organised

I love this time of year, all relaxed in the post-Christmas glow, but with ideas and thoughts and plans whirring around in my mind.

Unfortunately, this being me, it also leads to procrastination - what to do first? My flat looks like a bombsite, I have partially completed projects everywhere (including the Pay It Forward challenge), I'm supposed to be writing my MSc dissertation, but I have orders to send out (and one to remake from scratch as it disappeared in the post), I've been chasing up submissions for my Answers on a Postcard project - still time to take part - email me if you're interested - and I'm due back at my day job in less than a week!

So, inspired by the beautiful organiser above from the wonderfully tidy Sewing Momma, I've come up with a list to get me through today. Tomorrow I would like to start on my dissertation work in earnest, as I've kind of written it off for today.

So today's list is:
  • Package etsy orders

  • Clean kitchen and bathroom, the two rooms with least stuff in them!

  • Go to Post Office and shops (got a couple of things to buy, a couple of things to return)

  • While I'm at the PO, request yet another lost package form

  • Dig out relevant proof of posting sheet and complete claim form

  • Replenish stock of security envelopes from where they are hiding ALL OVER THE FLAT

  • Make dinner

  • Remake lost order - this will be lovely and relaxing so I don't mind

  • Two book reviews for the first issue of the Answers on a Postcard zine - due out at the end of January

  • Make another batch of thank you cards, as the flurry of etsy orders this week has almost used up my stash
And I'll try to put thoughts of new products out of my mind until I've cleared out my shop a little more. Have you seen the bargains to be had?


Swirlyarts said...

Hahahahahahaha - I am so glad I am not the only one out there who has security envelopes all over the house!