Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday on Monday, so I've decided to celebrate with 10% off all items in my shop. Just convo me BEFORE you buy and make sure you wish me a happy birthday. I'll set you up with a custom listing, including your discount.

Also, because I'll be out enjoying myself for at least some of the day on Monday, I'll honour your birthday wishes whenever I hear from you - right up to 5am BST Tuesday, so that's midnight Etsy time. But I'll probably process the sale on the following day. Afternoon. Once I get back from the spa!

As an added bonus, the person who purchases item number 100 from my shop will get an extra little present from me, too.
And why the envelopes? Well, I've finally managed to organise myself into updating my flickr! You can see the full set of all the wallpaper envelopes I currently have in stock here.


Sinclair said...

sorry I missed your birthday...happy birthday to you!