Saturday, 17 April 2010

So what am I working on?

I've been really tired after work lately and everything seems a little bit in limbo with our impending (or not, who knows?) house move. It still doesn't feel like it's particularly real, we haven't had any formal confirmation in writing that it's definitely going ahead, the house we have supposedly bought is all still being advertised online, and our solicitor is on holiday. We haven't been told it's all fallen through or anything, but it all seems a bit odd. Having said that, I think that could be that I'm leaving all the legal communication to my husband because I sorted out all the finance communication, and I'm finding not being in charge of absolutely everything just a little bit frustrating.

So I haven't been creating as much for the shop as I have done lately, but instead I've been doing what some of us highly effective people would call 'sharpening the saw'. I've taken part in a pincushion challenge, to reinvigorate my inventive streak. The recipient from this swap is still to receive her package, so I can't post any photos yet, but I will soon!

I was inspired to unearth the sewing machine again and put together a little birthday gift for my soon-to-be-2-years-old niece. I was going to make her a new bedding set to go with her new big girl bed, but then I decided to make her a present she would actually appreciate playing with - a colouring kit! There are little notches on the front of the bag for easy access to single crayons, and larger pockets on the back for other all important supplies. Then the colouring books go inside the bag itself simples! I used a tutorial from a sewing book that was meant for a paintbrush roll to get the gist of how to do the outside. When I say 'used', I mean, looked at with my eyes for a minute and worked it out. And the bag itself was something I learned at my sewing class last year, using a boutique paper bag as a template to make it a little more child sized. While my machine doesn't really understand what tension is, and my sewing skills aren't that great, I'm sure it will go down really well with the birthday girl. Love this red hippo fabric from the Ikea remnants bin!

I've also been catching up on a lot of things I've been meaning to do. Like take advantage of the Etsy Moo offer, order up lots of lovely supplies, keep up to date with everyone's blogs, and enter lots of competitions to win more lovely supplies. Twitter is great for hearing about the best giveaways first. And I've been spending way too much time on Twitter! If you're thinking about investing in a pack of Moo cards, my top tip is to line up your own additional text on the reverse of the card so it's higher up than the Moo advertising they put on the front - one of the stages handily shows your front and back view side by side. That way, when they arrive, you have the option of doing the snippy-snip over the Moo information. Simples!

I'm kind of obsessed with house motifs and I'm thinking of a bit of house-shaped embroidering next - especially after reading over on Craft about handstitched wedding invites... maybe an embroidered change of address card is on its way...

In the meantime, I'm still enjoying this beautiful wedding present every time I look at it