Thursday, 28 October 2010

More charity knitting

Aaargh! I just remembered that I knitted up a bunch of hats for the annual Innocent Big Knit, while I was unable to do much else in the latter stages of being pregnant. Luckily, Innocent extended their deadline for submission this year until THIS FRIDAY. Here's part of my contribution ready for the post, with a couple of pairs of gloves to show you where the leftover yarn for two of my favourite little hats appeared from!

I don't think I'll be doing much knitting for a little while, so I was delighted to see this donations box at my local health centre. They are crocheting a great barrier reef to raise awareness of fibromyalgia. I've donated a small bag of yarn to help them on their way - my crochet skills are still non-existent, although I wish I had paid more attention when my friend Jo tried to teach me. One handed crafting might be the way to go with a little one in my arms!

p.s. I really am writing this at 5.45am - the joys of being a new parent!


Josie said...

I'm really not the best teacher but we'll have another lesson some time!

Nancy said...

How interesting that they are doing the reef to bring awareness of fibromyalgia. I have had it for over 5 years now and people just don't understand! Hurray for awareness!