Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My first venture into clothes making

I had a fun Sunday morning giving this outfit a try on my sewing machine.  With an old duvet cover that I was given by Claire, and a length of what was unbleached cotton (dyed in the washing machine at the same time as a pair of trousers I needed to revive), I set about making a child's top using a pattern in the second ever issue of Sew Hip!  a few years back.

I found it really fun to get my teeth into, and although I messed a couple of bits up at first, it's nothing that my seam ripper couldn't handle and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.  I'm going to work on the pattern a little bit so I can make a longer, more a-line version for a summer dress.


theothermousie said...

You clever thing!! It looks beautiful and doesn't A look so gorgeous too xx