Thursday, 16 February 2012


One of the reasons I decided to work on a travel zine was to encourage me to put all the loose tickets and photos and stuff I have from living in Paris and New York and various other travels, as well as all the planning and making from my wedding, into albums which I can get out and look at, instead of keeping in a box indefinitely.  I mean, just look at this.... not a great souvenir of all the good times I had, just a box of random gubbins, really.  One of the things that holds me back is my ridiculous perfectionism.  I’ll be disappointed in myself if I stick something in squint, or in the “wrong order”, whatever that may be.  I mean, seriously, just get on with it, right?  I think the balance has slowly tipped towards ‘get all this carp out of my kitchen’ and ‘when has anything turned out the way it looked in my brain?’ has kicked in.  Good.

I had a big market event planned for February and had taken quite a bit of leave from work to prepare for it, but now it’s been cancelled I have a bit more time on my hands.  So I’ve set some of that time aside to work on my scrapbooks, and I’ll update you as I progress with them.  This really is going to be my year of getting things done!