Monday, 21 May 2012

Unfinished business - the revenge!

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I found this tutorial via Craftzine today and it totally reminded me that I have literally HUNDREDS of pre-cut strips in a bag down the side of my sofa, all ready to go.  Recently, my husband was clearing out our ‘loft’* and found a tonne of vintage latch rug wool, which was in a bad way and had to be binned and a few latch hooks.  I know for a fact this house has a few rolls of masking tape kicking around, and I ordered rug backing an age ago.

If I write all this on my blog I have no excuse to put it off any longer, do I?  And my poor baby’s room still doesn’t have a rug.  So deprived.

Anyone got any unstarted unfinished projects they really need to get on with?

*I say ‘loft’ because we have a loft conversion, with Amelia’s bedroom and my craft room in the eaves.  What we do have is the most measly strip of loft space that has a tiny little hobbit-sized door to access it – now hidden behind a shelving unit so that little wanderers can’t get in. 


dropstitch said...

I also have a bag of material, bought months ago, to make a rug for Dulcie's room. I'm crocheting this rug but have been dreaming of a latch hook rug for years and know I'll have to make one eventually. I've been gathering ideas and got an exciting book all about rugs and wall hangings in the charity shop recently. I hope you do manage to make yours - I'm looking forward to seeing it. (No pressure!)

haecceity78 said...

My grandad went through a phase of making rugs and made 2 for my mum which we had in our house when we were growing up. In hindsight they were pretty ugly but I get a bit choked up thinking about the time and effort he must have put into them for us. Good luck with the rug!

Miss Crafty said...

That was Caishnah BTW!