Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New to the shop

I'm in the process of uploading some new hairslides to the girlindustries etsy shop.  I've been selling them at craft fairs for about a year now, so I'm a bit slow off the mark with the online side of things but that's just how I roll these days...

Blue ditsy flower print £3/$4.50
Vintage button OOAK £2/$3

Red gingham pair £3/$4.50
Vintage button pair £3/$4.50

Turquoise graph paper style £3/$4.50

Made with offcuts of fabric passed on to me by my crafty pal Sarah, my favourite dress which I burst the zip on no longer wear and some quilting fabric I found in a poky little shop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on my travels years ago, as well as some of my vintage buttons from Vancouver, there is something for everyone, in a range of colours.  I love making these because it totally fulfils my need to make the useless useful.  And what is more useful than keeping stray hair where it needs to be?  In this weather, NOTHING.