Monday, 10 September 2012

Day in the Life - 10 September 2012

Well, would you look at that.  After a day of blogging yesterday out of the blue, I also checked up on some of my favourite blogs for the first time in ages and found out that today had been nominated for Day in the Life by Marceline.  So as I was working from home today, I thought it would be worth joining in.

5.50am Unusually, the child is awake.  A quick shush over the baby monitor (she's two, but sleeps on the floor above us) doesn't work, so I bring her down for a sleep in our bed.  That doesn't work either so we pop the TV on and watch cartoons.  Hooray, Mondays.

7.45am I hop in the car to head to the childminders, and enjoy the view on the way - I have to drive down into a valley and along the base of a range of hills to make the drop off and I love every minute of the drive there and back - all six to twelve of them, depending on traffic.  I'm listening to Chris Moyles wistfully, it's his last week of doing the breakfast show and many many years ago I had a bit of a thing going on with him over email.  Usually it's Radio 4 all the way, of course.

8am and as we ran out of porridge this morning I decide an impromptu stop at the drive thru is in order, especially because it's rare for me and the husband to eat breakfast together.  I'm usually on the train by now and don't tend to feel hungry until I've been up for a couple of hours so I tend to just have a banana on the run, or a yogurt once I get to my desk.

8.30am and I log on for work.  Everything I do now is between me and my employer, until lunch time.

9.30am and I relocate to the craft room.  The cat has been in my face for a full hour and is driving me to distraction.  When I gently encouraged him to get off the desk in our office, he jumped back up and reclined not very gracefully on the keyboard. It is now broken.  A ping on my mobile lets me know I have an order on Etsy so I package it up and pop it straight into the post box right outside my house.  Handy.

Luckily the cat follows me outside so that problem is solved.  Unfortunately the other one runs in just before I close the door, but he is less of a pain than Clyde so I leave him to it.

9.40am and I'm back to work.

12.30pm and it's lunch time.  I throw myself an omelette together - 3 eggs, one slice of jarlsberg - and try to ignore the black cat staring balefully through the patio doors while I eat it.  I get slightly distracted while I'm downstairs and start to organise the makings of some thank you cards for sending out with orders, my stash has run out and I just dropped a note on the back of a business card earlier.  I also pop on a load of washing before heading back upstairs to work.

2.30pm and I take a break because I've had a brainwave.  A bad photo amnesty, so I can make more photographic gift tags.  Later on I reflect and think I should have been a bit more organised about it, but I have already posted details on my facebook page and if it ever stops raining I will take a far better product photo and post about it on here too.

2.35pm back to work

4.45pm and I decide to call it a day.  I head downstairs to make a coffee, but swerve the kettle as I remember the running out of porridge thing and make a quick dash to Asda for some new stuff.  I also pick up some Moshi Monster figurines for a bribe/reward for Amelia should I need them, she absolutely loves them and I found a set with her favourite character (Priscilla) and my husband's favourite (Mr Snoodle).  We are all big fans of the Ponies song.

5.45pm and I'm back from the shops, and there's a quick turnaroud to the childminder.  I hop back in the car after tidying most of my craft implements out of the kitchen and do that lovely drive again.

6.15 - 7pm and it's that hour.  The last chance to feed, clean, tire out and get your little darlings into appropriate bedtime attire.  We chase Amelia around the kitchen with a remote control Mini Cooper and read a few stories.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Hug are current favourites, along with one about a lion and a little girl called Iris, which I can't remember the name of, but I am so not going back in there to check!  We squeeze in a little of What the Ladybird Heard, just because Amelia does the cutest ever bunny noise, and tells us with a very serious face that robbers are naughty.

7.15pm and I head next door to the craft room to update this blog post.  My plans for the rest of the evening are dinner: baked potatoes and spicy mince, to be precise.  Possibly one of the scones we made over the weekend - the Hairy Bikers Maple Syrup ones, but without nuts - very nice and probably on their last day.

I'm going to actually sew up the cards I started making earlier, and if I have time, add some photos to this blog post and publish it.  I've actually really wanted to paint my nails since I took off my last nail polish on Saturday so I might watch last night's X Factor while they dry - I often don't take in what I'm watching on telly because I'm doing something else at the same time, so it would be nice to just have to sit without folding, cutting or writing anything for an hour.  Bliss.  Bedtime will be sometime between 10 and 11, and I'll probably read something on the iPad in bed.  I still miss my trusty red laptop, but nothing beats the iPad for aimless surfing on the sofa/bed/train.

And how was your day?


Unknown said...

My day was rained off and not half as productive as yours sounds.