Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Chandelier of Lost Earrings

In other news, I heard about this artwork that was dedicated to me (along with all the other patients of St Mary's Hospital in Manchester, where I was born).  I don't wear earrings, but if I did, I definitely would have liked to contribute.

Here's an image of the work in progress, courtesy of the summerhouse blog

It's part of the Doors Open Days events taking place across the country this month, and every year in September and is connected to the opening of Victoria Baths, which were saved by the BBC's restoration programme (and no doubt an army of skilled volunteers and craftspeople that we don't hear as much about) a few years ago.  There's more about the restoration process here, and check out the awesome 360 degree photos, too.


the summer house blog said...

Hi. Pictures of the Chandelier in St Mary's are now on the FB page. And I hope you can come to see it at Federation House on March 13th. See then! Lauren