Sunday, 9 June 2013

Eating from our garden

Slightly scattergun approach to radish planting effected by child making run for front drive

We've had nearly two whole weeks of sun tan weather here, what a difference it makes to our life at home.  Our garden has been fairly neglected since we moved in, but after knocking down a dilapidated shed, moving MANY barrowfuls of pebbles, digging up lots of old paving slabs, a full carpet, miles of plastic sheeting (maybe an exaggeration) and making do with only plastic troughs for our (eventually drowned) home grown food last year, this summer we are on track for a much improved outdoor space.

We're not there yet, as the mound of pebbles where the shed used to be will tell you, but since last Friday we've been eating from our garden with the first few crops of radish.  Next job is making the shed we're keeping a bit less friendly to woodlice and wasps, replacing its roof and if I can convince the husband, painting it in some pretentious National Trust colour.  I want sage green with beige accents but I'm fairly certain I'll be getting Creosote and told to like it.  Hey ho.

So only the radish came from the garden, and the child only ate a babybel and some ham but it's a start


Swirlyarts said...

Hah :) I've just blogged about eating radishes from out garden yesterday too! We are planting more today so they continue for a while!

Girl_Industries said...

They really are the gift that keeps giving! Our broad beans are coming on really well now but no sign of them being ready yet, but our old faithful wild strawberries are starting to turn red, hopefully we'll get to them before the birds do this year.