Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Maggie Rabbit

Life is a bit hectic right now so it's very rare I get to sit down and actually make anything for the sheer love of crafting these days.

So I treated myself recently to the Maggie Rabbit pattern over at Posie gets Cozy, mainly because I hadn't finished a project for Amelia in ages - the rug and the quilt are STILL on the go - and I wanted a little quick win that would help me use up some of my fabric stash in the process.
I'm not sure what's going on with her ears here, but they are lined in blue and grey dotty fabric, which co-ordinates perfectly with her skirt

Downloading the pattern made it even quicker to get started, although I did wait a couple of days for some felt yardage I ordered on eBay - I didn't have quite enough of the same colour to make all the rabbit parts.  Now I have enough for several rabbits but that is no bad thing - there is a family baby being delivered AS I WRITE which is super-exciting and of course will require lots of gift-giving opportunities.

Anyway, I cut out the pieces for the rabbit in about half an hour, then sewed them up over the course of 3 one-hour train commutes - although if I'd remembered my scissors on the first day it would have been a bit more productive.

I hadn't had time to actually get the sewing machine out and set up for months, and we had a bit of a false start on Sunday morning, when I finally decided that the rabbit needed more than a single pair of boots (one of which has been lost for the last two weeks, anyway) to keep her warm.  Thank you to everyone who gave me technical support over Facebook - I think it was down to the fact I was sewing with denim - it was pretty lightweight denim but still.  So by the time I got the sewing machine out and ready to go, I wanted a bit more of a challenge and decided to have a go at adapting this skirt pattern by House on Hill Road.  I want to make a not-quite-as-twirly version for Amelia, so I took the opportunity to test my maths, but in miniature.

Maggie seems to have a bubble skirt effect going on, but I think that's partly down to the stiffness of the denim as well as the shortened main pieces of the skirt.  I'm looking forward to showing you the results of the child size skirt as soon as I get another chance to sew - and hopefully this side of Christmas!