Saturday, 9 August 2008

Day 2 in the big destash flat - and a giveaway

Day 2 of the big destash is underway. I’ve collected all my paper and cardmaking supplies together and will be offering them in my etsy shop as mystery craft packs. Each pack comes to the lucky recipient with a selection of 50 items from this table. This includes gift wrap, origami paper from Japan, lightweight card in a range of colours and sizes, heavier corrugated card, coloured notepaper, stickers, luxury wallpaper samples, and some paper goods which are ripe for upcycling. By this I mean pages from day planners, calendars, and other printed goods, like the Winston Churchill speech, which might be inspirational or make an interesting accent for a card, collage or other decorative items.

As much as I love working with paper, I am going to focus on knitting next, as I find it very relaxing and items I’ve made in the past have always sold well at craft fairs. Eventually I’ll rescue back my fabric collection and get more into that – it’s a relatively new and therefore exciting area for me.

Back to the paper packs – each of them is no bigger than A4 in size and they are available in my etsy shop now. Mention my blog when you check out and receive a 10% discount on the item cost. First comment on this post gets a freebie pack…