Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Winning streak

Tonight I want to take time out to reflect on my recent good fortune. I've been entering competitions and to my surprise I've scooped quite a few goodies over the last couple of months from crafty types out there in the blogosphere.

First up is this awesome tapestry, gifted by Carrie aka Lady Wurlitzer, at one of her recent Fuzzy Felt Folk events. Since my road trip across the Smoky Mountains, Nashville and Memphis last summer, I'm more into country music than ever before. We have our very own Opry here in Glasgow, which I'm itching to visit and compare to the one in Tennessee! Anyway, I love this rendering of Kris Kristoffersen, especially the colours - I even redecorated my hall to match! While Fuzzy Felt Folk arranged the event, the artist responsible for the tapestry is Clare Nicolson, and you can see more of her creations here. It took Clare more than 50 hours to work on this tapestry, and I'm glad to display it in my home.

Honorary mention goes to Marceline Smith, who sent me a lovely gift pack just for signing up to her blog's mailing list. What a sweet surprise! I'd been sporting this tree badge of hers for a little while since happening upon it at a local craft fair, but had been coveting the daschund badge on her website. I mentioned this and, lo and behold, it arrived in the post just for me. I love Marceline's trading name, - awesome!

Now, as you know, I'm destashing, and buying new wool is reluctantly off my agenda. So I was delighted when the very lovely Sylv of Chez Plum picked me out of the hat for her summer raffle. Just look what I won - my own hand-dyed and hand-spun yarn in my two favourite colours, lovely rich shades of grey and green. I have a feeling that using Sylvie's yarn will be a little bit like that one time I was upgraded on a transatlantic flight, ever since then, economy just hasn't been that much fun. Once I'm destashed, I think I'll be back to Chez Plum once my destashing project is complete. And I'll be blogging about my adventures in sock knitting right here. My yarn has been posted and should arrive any time now, exciting times!