Monday, 4 August 2008

Where to start?

I've been wanting to start this whole 'girl industries' thing for ages, but I'm a world class procrastinator and I genuinely didn't know where to begin.

I'm a big reader, and I've attended enough English classes to know about beginning with a significant event. But that doesn't translate suitably to something I've been doing for more than 25 years. I've gradually become more crafty this year, as my day job workload has decreased I've become better at managing my study time. This coincided with the start of a project to transfer all the family video tapes to DVD. Naturally I found myself knitting more and more, you can't beat a vintage BBC serial or television play and the old needles and wool for an hour of relaxation.

But back to the question, beginnings, and how does one go about them? Having graduated in Lit some 8 years ago, I'm on my way to starting a PhD, and what has preparing for this taught me... do your research!

So I hopped on the internet to take a look at some of my daily must-reads. Usually I take a look when I need colour, trend or technique inspiration. If I'm super-busy I like to do a quick tour of my favourite blogs just to feel creative or crafty without having to pick up needle or scissors. Today I'm looking at their first ever posts to see how they did it...