Thursday, 23 April 2009

New! Required reading!

In between my preparations for the Glasgow Craft Mafia market tomorrow, I've been procrastinating by hanging out online and helping my fiance put in our new kitchen (oooh!). I've decided to round up a few new-t0-me blogs that I can totally recommend (and not just because they've featured my stuff, although that helps): is a great website with all kinds of fun ideas on the cheap. They are big on repurposing and upcycling, so it's not surprising that they enjoyed my envelopes. Thanks guys!

On to the lovely Miss Crafty next. Now I'm cheating a little here, because Miss Crafty is a friend of the Glasgow Craft Mafia and I've been peeking at her blog for a little while now, but I only recently met her in the flesh, so she technically counts as new to me. I hope you will enjoy her blog, which is a great read, and is about to get even more exciting as she takes on a huge handmade project.

I'm pleased to report that I am in the middle of making something very special for the market tomorrow, and I'll be posting a tutorial on it as soon as I can write it up, so all you crafty souls with craft markets coming up, stay tuned to this blog for a tutorial on something you can't do without at your next market. In the meantime, you might want to check Miso Funky's market tips over on the Glasgow Craft Mafia website just now.

Ever struggled to find the right gift for the right person? Or do you share my obsession with coloured pencils (this site has pretty much my favourite banner ever)? Check out problem presents for lots of gift ideas!

Keeping it green in the UK is the Green Familia. They have lots of ideas for things to do with your security envelopes, or if you like, my security envelopes. Take a swatch here for more ideas.

If you'd like to treat yourself, head on over to the Lazy Giraffe. Her stunning jewellery makes me almost tempted to pierce my ears, it strikes the right balance for me between delicate and eyecatchingly bold. Deepa, from the Lazy Giraffe, came to my attention when I was, ahem, googling myself, and found this lovely mention of my envelopes. Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't done it, too?

Here's a pair of earrings from the Lazy Giraffe in my favourite colour:

Oh, and one last thing before I dash off. Laura, of Lupin Handmade, is running a giveaway on one of my favourite blogs Bugs and Fishes. It closes tonight, so dash over there RIGHT NOW if you want to win one of her star products! If you're too late, you can always pick up a craft pack in her Etsy store.

Just like the Lazy Giraffe, I have a stationery addiction going on, and check out these stunning notecards. Trees? Check! Baker's twine? Check! Roundy corners? Check! A lot of my favourite stuff is going on with these cards! Head over to the Lemon Drop Blog for an awesome giveaway where you can win this very set.

Whatever you're doing, have a great weekend!


Sinclair said...

So many fun places to go! Thanks.

Unknown said...

ooh I just spotted this (whilst googling myself!!), thank you :)