Monday, 25 May 2009

Great contest at, the partner site to, is running a great contest with only days left to enter.

Now I've talked about my addiction to stationery before, but one thing I've never really 'got' is the Moleskine. I think I was put off by someone who raved about them deliriously, non-stop, and in the same way I've decided to live without chess, skiing and Nick Drake in my life, I like handmade individualist notebooks, or at the very least, something with square boxes instead of lines inside (means I can design intarsia knitting patterns as well as jot down my thoughts).

But all this might be about to change, when I see the results of this contest. And besides, who doesn't love the words 'free lifetime supply'?

Closing date is 31 May, so get your skates on! If you're like me, and possibly not going to enter this, can I recommend a handy fix of the customised Moleskines over at Asking for Trouble? Just the job if you're off to London Town soon.