Monday, 18 May 2009

Rhonda's Recycled Craft Challenge

You know I like a challenge, and I consider myself an authority on making new stuff out of old stuff... Well here's something that's right up my alley!

Visit junkstop on before the start of June, and buy a challenge packet - which only costs 20c and includes international postage. On the 2nd of June, the packs will be posted out to everyone containing identical contents mined from landfill and the instructions for participation. You have to make something using the items you've been given, and your ingenuity, and post the results in the flickr group set up just for the contest, before the closing date of 15 July.

I've bought my packet, and a really cool looking zine of thriftshop finds, and I'm looking forward to taking part! Around 60 Etsians are signed up already, and the contest has only been underway for a few days. The winner gets a $20 gift certificate for junkstop, but I'm in it for the glory.