Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Edinburgh Festival

It’s always more fun when you don’t live there! I’m off to the city where I went to university (and where I work a couple of days a week) to catch some comedy today. I’m so excited because one of my all-time favourite actresses and comedians, Janeane Garafalo, is playing at my former student union – the first place I ever DJed live, by total coincidence. Ha ha, yes, I have been known to make new tunes out of old tunes.

In fact, that's just to the left of where I'm standing in this photo, on my graduation day. Ten years ago last month... Look at me, all young and interested in Derrida. And slightly obsessed with the opening scenes of Reality Bites, too.

And here’s a still from my favourite film. You know, the bit where they’re graduating. Oh dear. I would so totally wear that dress tonight if I still had it!