Sunday, 9 August 2009

Update on the festival experience

Last night was so much fun! We had a quick walk along the Royal Mile, which became annoying, fast. We hurried around to Teviot, which was such a strange experience. I don't think I'd ever been in there without having a drink first, I could just about remember where the middle bar was, I thought that every single part of the building seemed *way* smaller than I remembered, especially the staircase. I forgot where the toilets were. Obviously I would have known all this had I had four double vodkas before I went in, but I'm old now.

The show we were booked to see was great. I don't want to spoil it for anyone else who is going, but there was one bit where I tried to heckle, but was too quiet. Janeane Garafalo was doing a bit about how she looks at modern art and thinks to herself 'I could do that', and I said (not loud enough) 'but you didn't'. This is kind of a new mantra for me, I tend to only say it quietly but I do say it when people pick up things at craft fairs and say 'Oh, I'm just looking so I can work out how to do this when I get home', or 'these are so easy to make, aren't they' - basically variations on a theme of 'I could do that'. Which is annoying. So anyone else who is going to see Janeane Garafalo at the Edinburgh Festival, or to see her when she tours the US in the autumn, please sit down the front, or at the sides of a row, and put her straight.

Also, I tried to take a 'ten years later' photo in front of the same place as below, but I didn't quite get the right place and ten years haven't done me any favours, so I decided against posting it. Here's a shot of the castle and the Bank of Scotland HQ to make up for it!