Monday, 14 September 2009

Recommended reading

Search out your odd socks and raid your button stash, because Sarah from The Other Mousie, has contributed a fun tutorial to a great little magazine, which is free to read online and available here.

I'm addicted to reading about the goings on in *that* London and drooling over food, cocktails and great design over at Domestic Sluttery. I love the girls' outlook on life and the fact that it's updated at regular intervals during the day - and they have great giveaways too.

Speaking of giveaways, I'm delighted to have won a beautiful bracelet over at Crystal Velvet Weddings. I'm not quite sure I have the brass neck to walk down the aisle to this, but I do have a talented Clarsach player lined up for my big entrance, so maybe it would be appropriate! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives in time for my big day. Yippee. And I'm reading the site avidly for all things weddingy. It's better than a bridal magazine!

Speaking of wedding reading, my wedding zine should be ready in just a couple of months' time, once we're back from honeymoon, and I'm working hard on the first issue of my craft inspiration zine, Answers on a Postcard, but still need interviewees, so email me at Katy [at] girlindustries [dot] com if you would like to find out more about taking part. If you're already signed up, enjoy mulling over your questions!